Coconut Rope for Sale: The Natural Material Produces High-Quality Rope

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coco rope for sale

Coco rope for sale – Coconut is known as the tree of a thousand benefits. All parts of this tree can be used for different purposes. Including coconut fiber has economic value. Coconut fiber can be used to make ropes, brooms, crafts, and sieves for fertilizer or growth media. In Indonesia, coconut fiber is sold at Rs. 3000 for each kilogram.

Typically, the coconut fiber used for crafts comes from old coconuts. This is because old coconut has thicker and stronger coconut fiber. The reason why coconut fiber can be processed is because of the content of coconut fiber and coconut powder. These two ingredients are the main ingredients for coconut fiber crafts. However, before being made into handicrafts, coconut coir goes through a process of cleaning and so on to make it perform better.

Nothing is missing from the coconut trees

In addition, a proverb once said that “life should be like a coconut, every part of the coconut tree can be useful to many people.”

This can be interpreted to mean that everything that is produced by coconut trees can be used, namely, as follows:

  • Fruit: The pulp and water of the coconut fruit can be eaten, made into food, etc.
  • Tree trunk: It can be used as a building material for houses, sometimes bridges, etc.
  • Sheets: Can be used to make steps, salon tiles, crafts, and more.
  • Flowers: These can be used to make hats or bags, as well as traditional medicine.
  • Shell: Can be used to make charcoal crafts.
  • This section also includes coconut fiber, so it can be used as an aesthetic coconut fiber craft.

The reason is that they can not only be used as coconut fiber handicrafts that are both aesthetic and functional but can also be used by businesses that can make money.

In addition, now some of the aesthetically pleasing handicrafts made from coconut fiber are in high demand and appreciated. Indeed, what makes coconut fiber handicrafts in demand, and some of them have high prices? Even if it’s only made from coconut fiber?

Coconut fiber has a strong structure that makes it strong and durable when used in crafts.

The color of coconut fiber is brown, so it gives a natural impression.
Rustic, natural, and vintage themes are emerging at the moment, so coconut fiber crafts are very suitable to be used as decoration themes.
Resistant to degradation from seawater.

Well, what crafts can be made from this coconut fiber? Come on, take a look at these 5 aesthetic and functional coconut fiber crafts.

There are five coconut fiber crafts | coconut rope for sale

  1. Rope made of coconut fiber
  2. Coconut fiber rug
  3. Coconut fiber broom
  4. Pots
  5. Door decorative ring

Well, these are some aesthetic and functional coconut fiber crafts. This coco rope for sale, in addition to being used alone, can also be used commercially, especially for those who love vintage and rustic styles. You can sell coconut fiber crafts that have been cast as decorations. Call it starting a business to offer coconut fiber gifts because this trend is aimed at young couples.

Raw coconut fiber is also easy to find and cheap. So you just buy other additional materials and show your creativity.

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